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textpad 5.4.2 keyboard shortcuts

source:Straight copy paste from textpad help:

The Keyboard
These tables list the default command shortcuts for TextPad. If you have chosen to work in compatibility mode with another application, you can view the shortcuts on the Keyboard page of the Preferences dialog box.

Single Key Shortcuts:
Key Modifier Command
A Ctrl Select All.
B Ctrl Move the cursor back to start of word.
B Ctrl+Shift Select back to start of word.
C Ctrl Copy selection to clipboard.
C Ctrl+Shift Append selection to clipboard.
D Ctrl Move cursor back to end of word.
D Ctrl+Shift Select back to end of word.
E Ctrl Center text.
E Ctrl+Shift Right align text.
F Ctrl Find next instance of search pattern.
F Ctrl+Shift Find previous instance of search pattern.
G Ctrl Go to line.
I Ctrl Increase indentation.
I Ctrl+Shift Reduce indentation.
J Ctrl Join selected lines.
J Ctrl+Shift Reformat selected lines.
J Ctrl+Alt Split word-wrapped lines.
K Ctrl Invert case of selection.
L Ctrl Convert selection to lower case.
L Ctrl+Shift Insert a page break.
M Ctrl Find matching { [ (< or >) ] }
M Ctrl+Shift Select to matching { [ (< or >) ] }
N Ctrl Create a new document.
O Ctrl Open a document using the common Open File dialog box.
O Ctrl+Shift Open a document by typing its name.
P Ctrl Print active document.
P Ctrl+Shift Preview the active document as it will print.
Q Ctrl Prefix key for two key commands (see below).
R Ctrl Playback the scratch macro.
R Ctrl+Shift Record a new macro.
S Ctrl Save the active document.
S Ctrl+Shift Save all documents.
T Ctrl Transpose the lines or characters either side of the cursor.
T Ctrl+Shift Transpose the words either side of the cursor.
U Ctrl Convert selection to upper case.
U Ctrl+Shift Convert first character of selection to uppercase and the rest to lower case.
V Ctrl Paste text from the clipboard.
V Ctrl+Shift Insert the contents of a file at the cursor position.
W Ctrl Move cursor forward to start of word.
W Ctrl+Shift Select forward to start of word.
X Ctrl Cut the selection to the clipboard.
X Ctrl+Shift Cut and append the selection to the clipboard.
Y Ctrl Redo last Undo.
Y Ctrl+Shift Redo all Undos.
Z Ctrl Undo last edit.
Z Ctrl+Shift Undo all edits.
0 Alt Activate the Clip Library.
Break Ctrl Stop the tool running in the command window.
Backspace Delete selection, or character before the cursor, (replace it with a space in overtype mode).
Backspace Ctrl Delete back to the last start of word.
Delete Delete selection, or character after the cursor.
Delete Ctrl Delete forward to the next start of word.
Delete Ctrl+Shift Delete to the end of the line.
Delete Alt Delete all lines in the document.
End Cursor to end of line.
End Shift Select to end of line.
End Ctrl Cursor to end of document.
End Ctrl+Shift Select to end of document.
End Alt Cursor to the last visible line, in the current column, if possible.
Enter Start a new line in an edit document, or do a hypertext jump in a command or search results window.
Enter Ctrl Insert new line after current line.
Enter Ctrl+Shift Insert new line before current line.
Enter Alt Display in-context properties dialog box.
Escape Cancel any existing selection.
Home Cursor to start of line. Press twice to go to the left margin. Reassign this shortcut to "LineLeft" if you always want it to go to the left margin.
Home Shift Select to start of line. Press twice to select to the left margin. Reassign this shortcut to "LineLeftSel" if you always want it to select to the left margin.
Home Ctrl Cursor to start of document.
Home Ctrl+Shift Select to start of document.
Home Alt Cursor to the first visible line, in the current column, if possible.
Insert Switch between insert and overtype mode.
Scroll Lock Locks cursor position when scrolling with page up/down keys.
Tab Indent selected lines, or move cursor to next tab stop.
Tab Ctrl Next window (same as Ctrl+F6).
Tab Ctrl+Shift Previous window (same as Ctrl+Shift+F6).
Tab Shift Reduce indentation of selected lines, or move cursor to previous tab stop.
Left Arrow Cursor left one character.
Left Arrow Shift Select left one character.
Left Arrow Ctrl Cursor left one word.
Left Arrow Ctrl+Shift Select left one word.
Right Arrow Cursor right one character.
Right Arrow Shift Select right one character.
Right Arrow Ctrl Cursor right one word.
Right Arrow Ctrl+Shift Select right one word.
Down Arrow Cursor down one line.
Down Arrow Shift Select down one line.
Down Arrow Alt Cursor down to the start of the next paragraph.
Down Arrow Alt +Shift Select to the start of the next paragraph.
Down Arrow Ctrl Scroll the view up one line, without moving the cursor.
Up Arrow Cursor up one line.
Up Arrow Shift Select up one line.
Up Arrow Alt Cursor up to the start of the previous paragraph.
Up Arrow Alt+Shift Select to to the start of the previous paragraph.
Up Arrow Ctrl Scroll the view down one line, without moving the cursor.
F1 In-context help.
F1 Ctrl Display document statistics on status bar.
F1 Shift Invoke in-context help cursor.
F2 Go to next bookmark.
F2 Ctrl Set or clear a bookmark on the current line.
F2 Shift Go to previous bookmark.
F2 Ctrl+Shift Clear all bookmarks.
F3 Invoke the Manage Files dialog box.
F3 Ctrl Show or hide the Clip Library.
F3 Alt Invoke Windows File Manager or Explorer.
F4 Hypertext jump to next item in Search or Command Output window.
F4 Shift Hypertext jump to previous item in Search or Command Output window.
F4 Ctrl Close the active window.
F5 Invoke the Find dialog box.
F5 Ctrl Invoke Find in Files dialog box.
F6 Activate next view.
F6 Shift Activate previous view.
F6 Ctrl Activate next window.
F6 Ctrl+Shift Activate previous window.
F7 Check the spelling of the active document.
F7 Ctrl Invoke the Playback Macro dialog box.
F8 Invoke Replace dialog.
F8 Ctrl Replace next instance of search pattern.
F9 Sort.
F9 Ctrl Compare.
F10 Activate the main menu.
F10 Shift Popup the in-context document menu.
F10 Ctrl Popup the insert date/time menu.
F11 Invoke the Document Selector.
F11 Ctrl Activate the Command Results window.
F11 Shift Activate the Search Results window.
F12 Save As.

Two-key Shortcuts:
Keys Command
Ctrl+Q, B Switch in and out of block select mode.
Ctrl+Q, E Switch between read-only and edit modes.
Ctrl+Q, H Display/hide the horizontal scroll bar.
Ctrl+Q, I Display/hide visible spaces, tabs and paragraphs.
Ctrl+Q, L Display/hide line numbers.
Ctrl+Q, P Display the Preferences dialog box.
Ctrl+Q, R Set the right margin at the cursor position.
Ctrl+Q, S Switch in and out of selection mode.
Ctrl+Q, Y Switch in and out of synchronized scrolling mode.
Ctrl+Q, V Display/hide the vertical scroll bar.
Ctrl+Q, W Switch in and out of word-wrap mode.

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