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vim cheat sheet


File saving
:w filename Save changes to a file. If you don't specify a file name, Vim saves as the file name you were editing. For saving the file under a different name, specify the file name.
:wq Write the file and exit.

0 To the beginning of a line.
$ To the end of a line.
b To the beginning of a word.

dd or :d Delete the current line.

Copy Paste
y (V) Yank the highlighted text. In Winblows terms, "copy the selected text to clipboard."
d (V) Delete the highlighted text. In Winblows terms, "cut the selected text to clipboard."
yy or :y or Y Yank the current line. You don't need to highlight it first.
u Undo the last action
Ctrl + r Redo


Find and replace
:%s/foo/bar/g Replace every occurrence of the word foo with bar in the whole file.
Searching for help


:help .*open\&.*window ---

:help HelpForItem

vim , press Esc, press w to save the file ,q to quit

Working with files

:bn -- switch to the next file buffer

:bp -- switch to the previous file buffer

:ls -- list the opened file buffers

:buffer 17 --- go to the file with number 17 listed in the previous command

gf -- open the file under the cursor in Normal mode

:bd --- close the current file buffer

:e /var/tmp.txt open new buffer (and window ) with the /var/tmp.txt file

:new /path/to/the/file/to/open in

set winheight=90 (also could be added to /etc/vimrc

vim *.pl --- open all Perl scripts in the current directory

:cnext :bn -- go to the next buffer

:ls list all the buffers

:bn 3 -- go the nubmer of the buffer listed from the previous command

to Quit VIM :q

to delete the line in the executable mode – dd

:split /usr/share/some.file --- opens a new file in a new window

:e /usr/share --- opens a directory (in a new buffer , no windows to mess around )

:w filename Save changes to a file. If you don't specify a file name, Vim saves as the file name you were editing. For saving the file under a different name, specify the file name.

:wq Write the file and exit.

:q! exit without saving (the hyphen meaning is the same for all commands )


/itemToSearchInTheText --- works without the colon also

j , k , l ,h

gg --- go the begining of the document

G -- go the end of the document

Home End Ctrl + Home Ctrl + End , Ctrl + vasen nuoli Ctrl + oikea nuoli Ctrl + G

495G --- go to row number 495

'' ---- (Press ' twice ) jump back to line (where you came from)

Ctrl + O --- Ctrl + I --- e - 0 To the beginning of a line.
$ To the end of a line.
b To the beginning of a word.
:/tokenToSearch n - N -
:?tokenToSearch n - Ctrl + o - Ctrl + i - N -

[](){} %

dd or :d Delete the current line.
Copy Paste
y (V) Yank the highlighted text. In Winblows terms, "copy the selected text to clipboard."
d (V) Delete the highlighted text. In Winblows terms, "cut the selected text to clipboard."
yy or :y or Y Yank the current line. You don't need to highlight it first.
u Undo the last action
Ctrl + r Redo

Find and replace
:%s/foo/bar/g Replace every occurrence of the word foo with bar in the whole file.

:%s/^.*clear$\n//gi --- remove all the lines containing the string "clear"

where vim sets the settings of the "sessions"

vim /root/.viminfo

vim /home/sysadmin/.viminfo

vim /home/nortel/.viminfo

How to edit the colors of the current color scheme:

1. Check the name of your current color scheme located at: /root/.vimrc or /home/usrname/.vimrc (attention come kind of aliasing ... )

set colorsheme=dark

2. Edit the current colorsheme



3. Pick a HEX number for the color of the comments you would prefer to have .. #40FF00 (google color table )

Ctrl-R Ctrl-F Enters the file under the cursor into the editor in you commend line (command mode).

Ctrl-R Ctrl-A Enters the text from the editor in you commend line (command mode).


the keyboard shortcuts performing user defined commands which could be saved at the /etc/vimrc

map :bn! ---- Ctrl + Tab for switching to the next buffer

map :bn! :bd # --- Ctrl + F4 - for closing the current buffer

How to extract images from pdf files or how to convert pdf to html

Install PDF

Use pdf2HTML ,as follows:
1. download pdf2html from here or google download pdf2html freeware
2. download the imaging processing library from here:
3. copy the following files from the installation
into the very same Windows path folder (otherwize pdf2html will complain ...)

4. Copy paste the following into a batch file and run itt

================================================COPYPASTE START
:: for example remove the -c option
::move each separate document in its own folder
for /f "tokens=*" %%i in ('dir *.pdf /s /b /a-d') do mkdir "%%i_folder"&move /y "%%i" "%%i_folder"
:: generate html out of pdf
for /f "tokens=*" %%i in ('dir *.pdf /s /b /a-d') do pdf2html -noframes -c -p "%%i" "%%i.html"
================================================COPYPASTE END


Power Point Shortcuts




PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

Text Formatting

 To do this: Windows Keyboard:
Change Font CTRL+Shift+F, then use up/down arrow keys, click Enter when done
Change Point Size CTRL+Shift+P, then use up/down arrow keys, click Enter when done
Increase Font Size CTRL+Shift+>
Decrease Font Size CTRL+Shift+<
Underline CTRL+U
Italic CTRL+I
Superscript ALT+CTRL+Shift+>
Subscript ALT+CTRL+Shift+<
Plain Text CTRL+Shift+Z
Spelling Checker F7
Center Paragraph CTRL+E
Justified Paragraph CTRL+J
Left-Aligned Paragraph CTRL+L
Right-Aligned Paragraph CTRL+R
Change Case Shift+F3 toggles selection through lower case, upper case, initial caps with each
press of keys
Create Hyperlink CTRL+K

Deleting and Copying

Delete Character Left Backspace
Delete Word Left CTRL+Backspace
Delete Character Right Delete
Delete Word Right CTRL+Delete
Paste CTRL+V
Create a copy of the text CTRL+Drag

Navigating in Text Blocks

Character Left Left Arrow
Character Right Right Arrow
Line Up Up Arrow
Line Down Down Arrow
Word Left CTRL+Left Arrow
Word Right CTRL+Right Arrow
End of Line END
Beginning of Line HOME
Paragraph Up CTRL+Up Arrow
Paragraph Down CTRL+Down Arrow
End of Text Block CTRL+END
Start of Text Block CTRL+HOME

Navigating and Working With Objects

To Previous Object TAB
To Next Object Shift+TAB
Select All Objects CTRL+A
Drag and Drop Copy CTRL+Select and Drag
Create a Duplicate Object CTRL+D
Create another Duplicate with same offset as first Duplicate  CTRL+D, move new copy to desired location, then use CTRL+D repeatedly to create
more copies

Outlining, in All Views

Promote Paragraph ALT+Shift+Left Arrow or

TAB from beginning of Paragraph
Demote Paragraph ALT+Shift+Right Arrow or Shift+TAB from beginning of Paragraph
Move Selected Paragraphs Up ALT+Shift+Up Arrow
Move Selected Paragraphs Down ALT+Shift+Down Arrow

Outlining, in Outline View

Collapse to Titles ALT+Shift+1
Expand Text under a heading ALT+Shift+Plus
Collapse Text Under a Heading ALT+Shift+Minus
Show All Text and Headings ALT+Shift+A
Display Character Formatting Keypad / (numlock off)

Selecting, in Text

 Character Right Shift+Right Arrow
Character Left Shift+Left Arrow
End of Word CTRL+Shift+Right Arrow
Beginning of Word CTRL+Shift+Left Arrow
Line Up Shift+Up Arrow
Line Down Shift+Down Arrow
Select All CTRL+A or F2
Select Any Text Drag with left mouse button depressed
Select Word Double-Click
Select Paragraph Triple-Click
Drag and Drop Select and Drag
Drag and Drop Copy CTRL+Select and Drag

Working with Slides and Presentation Files

New Presentation CTRL+N
Open a Presentation CTRL+O, CTRL+F12
Save CTRL+S, F12
Save As F12
Print CTRL+P
Replace CTRL+H
New Slide (menu) CTRL+M
New Slide like last one, no menu Shift+CTRL+M
Exit/Quit CTRL+Q or ALT F4
Move from Title to Text CTRL+Enter
Move from Body text to Title of Next Slide CTRL+Enter

Working with Presentation Windows

Go to Previous Window CTRL+Shift+F6
Go to Next Window CTRL+F6
Size Presentation Window

Maximize Application Window ALT+F10
Maximize Presentation Window CTRL+F10
Restore Presentation Window to Previous Size CTRL+F5
Put Presentation in its own Window CTRL+F5

Drawing & Formatting

Show/Hide Guides (toggle) CTRL+G
Switch from Normal View to Master View Shift+Click Slide View Button
Group CTRL+Shift+G
Ungroup CTRL+Shift+H
Regroup CTRL+Shift+J
Resize while Maintaining Proportions Shift+Resize
Resize from Center CTRL+Resize
Resize from Center while Maintaining Proportions  CTRL+Shift+Resize
Rotate in 15 degree increments Shift+Rotate tool
Rotate from Corner CTRL+Rotate tool
Rotate in 15 degree increments from Corner Shift+CTRL+Rotate tool
Extend Line along same angle Shift+Resize
Make Straight Segment while Using Curve Tool CTRL+ALT+click (using curve tool)
Nudge object one grid unit Arrow Key
Nudge object one pixel CTRL+Arrow Key
Temporarily Release Grid/Guide Snap ALT
Create Multiple Guides CTRL+Drag Guide

Controlling Slides in Slide Show

 Go to Slide <number>  <number> ENTER
Black/Unblack Screen B or Period
White/Unwhite Screen W or Comma
Show/Hide Pointer A or =
End Show ESC, CTRL+Break, Minus, END
Erase Screen Annotations E
Advance to Hidden Slide H
Advance to Next Slide Mouse Click, Spacebar, N, Right Arrow, Down Arrow, Page Down
Return to Previous Slide Backspace, P, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Page Up

Getting Help & Programming Tools

 Help F1
Menu and Dialog Explanations Shift+F1
Right Mouse Click without Mouse Shift+F10
Bring up Visual Basic Editor ALT+F11
Macro Recorder ALT+F8



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